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President Email

Dear members of the UA family,

The community that defines UA is built by a wonderful and diverse group of individuals, representing a broad array of cultures, ethnicities, religions and beliefs, and that makes us proud.

This past week our campus reflected both the positive and negative aspects of what is happening around the country. We proudly celebrated Veterans Day with a host of programs and activities. Our student leaders launched a campaign to promote civility and diversity in social media discourse, and we announced plans to celebrate International Education Week beginning today. But we also saw hostile graffiti in one of our buildings, and we learned of a reported sexual assault on campus. This is not what UA is about.

Our core values emphasize a campus life that embodies respect, collaboration, collegiality and a culture of inclusivity. We must, as a campus, come together, be supportive of one another and demonstrate the overwhelming good in our community. That support and respect starts with each of us, how we interact with others around us, and the standard we set.

As a campus, we are committed to a safe and supportive environment for all. A number of resources are available if a circumstance arises and someone needs support. Please note these important campus resources that are available:

UA Counseling Center:
Student Care and Well-Being
UA Title IX:
UA Women & Gender Resource Services:

Thank you for being an important part of the Alabama family.

Stuart R. Bell