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President Email

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

Good morning!  Let me start by thanking you for the warm welcome.  Susan and I are both looking forward to greeting old friends, getting to know our new colleagues and welcoming our students back to campus. We agree that it is, indeed, good to be back at The University of Alabama! 

As we continue to build on the progress and momentum that have led our University to such unprecedented success, our core mission obviously starts with our students. We will continue to recruit the brightest young people in the nation and give them the opportunity to work with the best faculty and staff assembled anywhere. We will continue to support important growth in our research and economic development initiatives, and to be strong partners in the success of the communities we serve. We will continue to fully support our athletic programs and our student-athletes as they demonstrate that they are champions on the field and in the classroom.  

Together, we will develop new, creative and innovative ideas and solutions for the future.  I look forward to meeting you and listening to your ideas and aspirations as we work toward our common goals. 

By leveraging and maximizing our strong sense of community and our unwavering commitment to excellence, we will ensure – and celebrate – a bright and magnificent future for our great University. 

It’s a wonderful day at the Capstone.  Roll Tide!

Stuart R. Bell